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The loss is immeasurable, but so is the love left behind.

Denisa White FdSc, MBACP

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    About Me

    I specialise in helping clients who have been bereaved to heal safely without having to experience further trauma that many losses can trigger.

    I am a professional and experienced bereavement counsellor offering individual therapy in Crawley, West Sussex.

    I feel very passionate about what I do and I sincerely hope that this shows in my work. 

      I understand that life can get difficult at times and as a result of any sudden change implemented on us we might lose a sense of self and start feeling anxious, depressed or even suicidal. I am guessing as you are browsing through my website that you have experienced loss and are grieving. I know how complicated grief can be. You might feel numb or angry. You might be in a state of shock from the pure disbelief that this has happened to you. To get on with your life as your friends and family expect you to after certain amount of time might be harder than you have ever imagined. I know far too well how that feels. My own grief journey was far from straight forward. If you'd like to know more, please read my own grief story in my blog.


     The first step is always the hardest.

     I am here to help.




    Qualification and experience

    It would be fair to say that it was my life experiences that eventually lead me to my counselling profession. If you'd like to know more, please read my very own grief story in my blog.

    Prior to qualifying as a counsellor I worked as a support worker to adults with learning difficulties as well as teaching assistant and 1:1 class support at primary school.

    Once entering the counselling profession, I have had the privilege to work with adults as well as youth. Two very different therapeutic approaches but equally rewarding.

    I feel very proud to have been approached by and now working for a local charity  - supporting those who feel suicidal or lost their loved ones to suicide. Suicide grief can be more complex and prolonged. Trying to come to terms with all the "Why-s" and "If-s" is not easy. The shock of suicide can be long lasting and often people are not aware of this. Suicide can be a very difficult subject to talk about and it can create tension and uneasiness within the family and friends circle.

    It was my honour to be a part of Carers Support West Sussex team and offer counselling to carers who on top of their caring role started to struggle with their mental health. Some of the therapeutic work contained working with anxiety, depression, bereavement, terminal illness, loss of self identity, relationship difficulties and many more. 

    As well as working with Carers Support I worked with Mind Crawley & Horsham as a peer mentor. This very different role allowed me to help people to improve their emotional well being, sense of belonging and self esteem.

     Volunteering for over a year with YMCA Dialogue offered me unforgettable and thoroughly enjoyable experience of working with youth. 

    When working with youth I have come across presenting issues such as depression, anxiety, loss, peer pressure, finding their own identity, sexual identity, family dynamics, career choices, difficulties  being a young carer and many more. 

             My qualifications:

    Foundation degree in Humanistic counselling FdSc,

    NCFE Level 3 Award in Counselling skills and theory,

    NCFE Level 2 Award in helping skills,

    NCFE Level 1 Award in interpersonal skills


            Further training includes:

    Working with low mood, anxiety and resilience

    Understanding and coping with Anxiety

    Suicide awareness and prevention

    Complex Bereavement

    Creative intervention in trauma work

    Absent fathers and the impact on Self

    Infant Loss Training

    Assisting clients with subsequent pregnancies after loss





    Fees & Contact

    I offer a free initial consultation session which can last up to 50 minutes. This session can be offered Face to Face or over the phone, whichever way you feel more comfortable with.

    Please enquire further by sending me an email: denisa.white@counsellingincrawley.info or give me a call on 07429255636




    Counselling sessions offered:

    Monday - Friday (9 am- 8.00 pm)

    I work from home where I can offer comfortable and confidential space for our work.

    Fees : 

    £50 for a 50 min session

    I accept cash on the day. If you would like to pay via bank transfer, this is payable 24 h before your session is due.

    I require 48 h cancellation notice to avoid being charged.  


    Please be aware that there are stairs leading up to the property where I offer my daytime appointments and that my counselling room is located on the first floor. Unfortunately, I cannot provide disabled access.  Also I am an owner of a very friendly dog that you might on occasion see or hear.

    There is free off-road parking in front of the property. Bus no. 1 stops at Tesco Express, which is a two minute walk to my property. Crawley train station is about 20 min walk, however there is a taxi service at the train station and a bus station just opposite the train station should you wish to use that.


    Mobile: 07429255636

    Email: denisa.white@counsellingincrawley.info



    How can counselling help

    Support That Makes a Difference

    Together we will work through the stages of grief. There is no right or wrong way to grief. There is no time limit to the journey. I'll be led by you and we'll go at your pace. There is no limit to hear your story over and over again as very often it's the repetition and making sense of the loss that helps the grieving process. Grief can trigger further unexpected emotions and feelings and I'll be beside you to help you to manage them.

    My aim as a therapist is to guide you through what at times can be a difficult journey, offering you an accepting space to explore whatever brought you to counselling.

    As a result of any loss you might have started to feel more anxious and this can cause you to feel trapped and frightened to face the world. Being depressed can cause you to lose interest in the things you used to enjoy. You might feel afraid that people will see you as a failure. You might constantly feel guilty or have a feeling that you are letting everyone down.

    The therapeutic relationship offers connection which means it helps you to reconnect with yourself and regain meaning and purpose in life.

    I understand how difficult it is to entrust your most inner despair to anyone. Finding the right therapist can  prove to be a challenging task. All initial enquiries are very welcome. my work. 







    To help me to be the best I can in my profession I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. Being a member means I abide by their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. The Ethical Framework is based on principals of autonomy, respect, trustworthiness, avoiding harm to the client and promoting the client's well-being. I also abide by the Guidance of good practice which include monitoring fitness to practice, accountability, provision of confidentiality and respect. I undertake regular continuing professional development (CPD) and my work is regularly overseen by a clinical supervisor. My policies and practices meet the high standard for data privacy introduced by the new European Union data protection law known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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    Crawley, UK


    Walt Whitman

    “Happiness, not in another place but this place, not for another hour but this hour”


    Client S.P.

    Having suffered four very close bereavements in six months and after a year of trying to deal with it myself I needed help to make sense  of it all. With Covid -19 and the restrictions that we all faced I could not go on anymore. I feel very lucky to have found Denisa. Her warm and welcoming nature was just what I needed. I felt listened to, understood and that I was not wrong to feel the way I was. We came to a point where I felt ready to face the world again. I felt happy, confident and would not have recognised the person that first walked into Denisa's therapy room. I 100% recommend Denisa to anyone who has suffered any kind of loss. She has changed my life in so many ways. I am so grateful, Denisa is an amazing therapist.

    Client A.A.

    Denisa has helped me find ways to work through extremely traumatic event. Through her counselling I have begun to reflect on my self-doubt, guilt, loss and mixed emotions. Her sessions can be exhausting, enlightening and uplifting. I am in a much better place than before I met Denisa. I now know that there is a light at the end of what is a very long and dark tunnel, I also know in time I will get to the end of it thanks to her support.

    Client J.W.

    Denisa made me comfortable from the first session. She allowed me to explain everything that I was going through before, helping me to understand so clearly and is a big reason why I am still able to write this.



    Crawley, UK

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